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We’re here to educate you and attend to your hairy needs, we cover a wide range of options suitable for 
all our clients, if you have any questions, please contact us online or phone us.

Styling Blow dry

Blowdry for the special occasion or the night out by our heavily experienced


Our friendly team is ready to give you the perfect cut to suit your busy schedule, if you have any questions,
please feel free to contact us online or by phone. 


We understand kids’ hair is precious, so we’re here with 50 years of experience to take care of your special one

HAIR Colour

One of the most important features of our hair is colour, it gives a vibrant look and adds a feel good factor.
We can advice you what best suits you depending on your hair from Ombre or Balayage


Hair colour with a bang


Our hair gets damaged from day to day life, we can help our hair give back nutritions from hair treatments with natural extracts from Amazon rainforest. Chose from Premium Bronze, Silver & Gold to match your hair needs.

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Quick Treatment to keep hair healthy for 5 weeks. Quick boost to regenerate your hair back to life.

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Premium Silver

Silver Package to treat specific areas of the hair that are damaged using oils from amazon rainforest that last up 6 months.

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Premium Gold

Best selling Gold Hair Treatment, adds minerals and oils from amazon rainforest to your hair that last up to 6 months.


A perm is a process where your hairstylist treats your hair with a chemical to alter the structure and permanently wave or curl your hair.  A perm will last approximately 6 months if your home care regimen supports the perm and your hair.