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Premium Gold

Smoothing Treatment

From dull to sparkle, we have 4 weeks of treatments to bring any hair back to its natural, gorgeous self-using our latest treatment line up.

First Week 

Moisture Hair Cuticles, Replacement of Intercellular Mass.


Second Week

 Nourishment & Strength, replacement of nutrients, lipids and strengthen Hair strands.


Third Week 

Hair Reconstructions, micro molecule particles working towards the replacement of important amino acids.


Fouth Week

Hydrolipidic Replacement, Cotex / Cuticles, Replacement of Moisture, nutrients and cationic polymers to treat and seal the hair cuticles for long-lasting results.


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Quick Treatment to keep hair healthy for 5 weeks. Quick boost to regenerate your hair back to life.

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Premium Silver

Silver Package to treat specific areas of the hair that are damaged using oils from amazon rainforest that last up 6 months.

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Premium Gold

Best selling Gold Hair Treatment, adds minerals and oils from amazon rainforest to your hair that last up to 6 months.